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The 2011 Iowa Straw Poll: The Results Announced
  August 13th, 2011

Michele Bachmann narrowly captured the Ames Iowa Straw Poll on Saturday by securing a little over a quarter of the 16,892 votes. While the victory of the Iowa-born Bachmann was widely expected in the absence of Mitt Romney, it will nevertheless come as a welcomed relief to her after a disappointing presidential debate performance two days earlier.

The bigger news though, came in the stunning performance of Texas Representative Ron Paul. In a result that will send shockwaves through the Republican establishment, the 75-year old finished an extremely close second, merely 0.91% behind Bachmann. Rounding up the top three was former Minnesota Governor, Tim Pawlenty, who came in a distant third with 2,293 votes.

4823 votes
4671 votes
2293 votes
1657 votes
1456 votes
567 votes
567 votes
385 votes
162 votes
69 votes
35 votes

Rick Santorum and Herman Cain finished a creditable fourth and fifth respectively, while the sole write-in candidate, Texas Governor Rick Perry, attained a very respectable sixth placed finish with 4.26% of the votes, giving notice to the other candidates in the field.

The next three places were from the non-participants of the poll – Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Jon Huntsman - finishing seventh to ninth. Michigan Representative Thad McCotter rounded up the results with a miserable 35 votes.

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