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Age and Birthdate

The U.S. Constitution decrees that our president’s minimum age at the time of inauguration should not be less than thirty-five years.
Article II, Section 1, Clause 5
No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919), the country’s 26th president (1901-1909), was the youngest to have held the office. Serving as vice-president, Roosevelt was elevated to the presidency following the assassination of President William McKinley (1843-1901) in 1901. He was 42 years, 322 days old during his inauguration on September 14, 1901.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917-1963), our 35th president (1961-1963), was the youngest president elected to the office. He was 43 years, 236 days old during his inauguration, which was held on January 20, 1961.

Our 40th president, Ronald Reagan, was the oldest to assume the presidency. He was 69 years, 349 days old at his inauguration. At 77 years, 348 days, Reagan is also the oldest to leave office.

President Barack Obama was 47 years, 169 days during his inauguration, the fifth youngest, behind Roosevelt, Kennedy, Bill Clinton (46y, 156d) and Ulysses S. Grant (46y, 311d).

Complete List: Age of Presidents during Inauguration

Nos President Age at Inauguration
1 George Washington 57 years, 67 days
2 John Adams 61 years, 125 days
3 Thomas Jefferson 57 years, 325 days
4 James Madison 57 years, 353 days
5 James Monroe 58 years, 310 days
6 John Quincy Adams 57 years, 236 days
7 Andrew Jackson 61 years, 354 days
8 Martin Van Buren 54 years, 89 days
9 William Henry Harrison 68 years, 23 days
10 John Tyler 51 years, 6 days
11 James K. Polk 49 years, 122 days
12 Zachary Taylor 64 years, 100 days
13 Millard Fillmore 50 years, 183 days
14 Franklin Pierce 48 years, 101 days
15 James Buchanan 65 years, 315 days
16 Abraham Lincoln 52 years, 20 days
17 Andrew Johnson 56 years, 107 days
18 Ulysses S. Grant 46 years, 311 days
19 Rutherford B. Hayes 54 years, 151 days
20 James A. Garfield 49 years, 105 days
21 Chester A. Arthur 51 years, 349 days
22 Grover Cleveland 47 years, 351 days
23 Benjamin Harrison 55 years, 196 days
24 Grover Cleveland 55 years, 351 days
25 William McKinley 54 years, 34 days
26 Theodore Roosevelt 42 years, 322 days
27 William Howard Taft 51 years, 170 days
28 Woodrow Wilson 56 years, 66 days
29 Warren G. Harding 55 years, 122 days
30 Calvin Coolidge 51 years, 29 days
31 Herbert Hoover 54 years, 206 days
32 Franklin D. Roosevelt 51 years, 33 days
33 Harry S. Truman 60 years, 339 days
34 Dwight D. Eisenhower 62 years, 98 days
35 John F. Kennedy 43 years, 236 days
36 Lyndon B. Johnson 55 years, 87 days
37 Richard Nixon 56 years, 11 days
38 Gerald Ford 61 years, 26 days
39 Jimmy Carter 52 years, 111 days
40 Ronald Reagan 69 years, 349 days
41 George H. W. Bush 64 years, 222 days
42 Bill Clinton 46 years, 154 days
43 George W. Bush 54 years, 198 days
44 Barack Obama 47 years, 169 days



2012 Democratic Vice-Presidential Nominee
Incumbent Vice-President of the United States

Joe Biden

Presidential Candidate Joe Biden

Biden Age and Birthday

• Born: Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. on Friday November 20th, 1942

• Joe Biden is 74 years old.
Biden's profile, official website and positions on the issues

2012 Libertarian Presidential Nominee
Former Governor of New Mexico

Gary Johnson

Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson

Johnson Age and Birthday

• Born: Gary Earl Johnson on Thursday January 1st, 1953

• Gary Johnson is 64 years old.
Johnson's profile, official website and positions on the issues

2012 Democratic Presidential Nominee
Current President of the United States

Barack Obama

Presidential Candidate Barack Obama

Obama Age and Birthday

• Born: Barack Hussein Obama on Friday August 4th, 1961

• Barack Obama is 55 years old.
• Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Obama's profile, official website and positions on the issues

2012 Republican Presidential Nominee
Former Governor of Massachusetts

Mitt Romney

Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney

Romney Age and Birthday

• Born: Willard Mitt Romney on Wednesday March 12th, 1947

• Mitt Romney is 70 years old.
• Mitt Romney was born in Detroit, Michigan to Lenore LaFount Romney (1908-1998) and three-term Michigan Governor George W. Romney (1907-1995)
Romney's profile, official website and positions on the issues

2012 Republican Vice-Presidential Nominee
U.S. Representative from Wisconsin

Paul Ryan

Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan

Ryan Age and Birthday

• Born: Paul Davis Ryan on Thursday January 29th, 1970

• Paul Ryan is 47 years old.
Ryan's profile, official website and positions on the issues




Declared 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate

Kathyern Lane

Presidential Candidate Kathyern Lane

Lane Age and Birthday

• Born: Kathyern Louise Lane on Tuesday October 18th, 1966

• Kathyern Lane is 50 years old.

More on Lane  

Declared 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate
U.S. Representative from the State of Texas

Ron Paul

Presidential Candidate Ron Paul

Paul Age and Birthday

• Born: Ronald Ernest Paul on Tuesday August 20th, 1935

• Ron Paul is 81 years old.
• Ron Paul was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

More on Paul  

Declared 2012 Independent Presidential Candidate

Stephen Rollins

Presidential Candidate Stephen Rollins

Rollins Age and Birthday

• Born: Stephen Emmanuel Rollins on Thursday September 10th, 1970

• Stephen Rollins is 46 years old.

More on Rollins  

Declared 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate

Matt Snyder

Presidential Candidate Matt Snyder

Snyder Age and Birthday

• Born: Matthew Bradley Snyder on Tuesday June 15th, 1971

• Matt Snyder is 45 years old.

More on Snyder  

Declared 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate

Vern Wuensche

Presidential Candidate Vern Wuensche

Wuensche Age and Birthday

• Born: Vernon Edgar Wuensche on Sunday November 25th, 1945

• Vern Wuensche is 71 years old.
• Vern Wuensche was born in Elgin, Texas

More on Wuensche  

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