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2012 Democratic Vice-Presidential Nominee
Incumbent Vice-President of the United States

Joe Biden

Presidential Candidate Joe Biden

Biden Ancestry

Biden’s lineage can be traced back to England, and more notably, Ireland.

His maternal great grandfather, James Finnegan, hails from County Louth in Ireland; his maternal great-great grandfather, Patrick Blewitt (1833-NA), was a native of County Mayo, Ireland.

Records indicate that Biden’s paternal great-great-great grandfather, William Biden (NA-1863), was born in Sussex, England. His maternal great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather, Allen Robinett (1630-1694), was a wealthy merchant from Chester, England. He sold his entire shareholding and left England for the rugged and still thinly populated Pennsylvania in 1682.

In an interview with the Irish Voice in 2008, Biden claimed that his ancestors hailed “from a Famine era family, the Finnegans, who fled Co. Mayo to avoid the Great Hunger.

Trivia: Biden’s maternal great grandfather, Edward Francis Blewitt (1859-NA), became the first Irish Senator in the Pennsylvania State Legislature. Blewitt, who was a civil engineer with Scranton city, served Philadelphia’s 22nd District between 1907 and 1910.

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