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2012 Democratic Vice-Presidential Nominee
Incumbent Vice-President of the United States

Joe Biden

Presidential Candidate Joe Biden

Biden Parents and Grandparents

Father: Joseph Robinette Biden, Sr. (1915–2002); Businessman, boiler cleaner for a heating and cooling company, oil salesman and sales manager for a car dealership
Mother: Catherine Eugenia "Jean" Biden née Finnegan (1917–2010)
Paternal Grandfather: Joseph H. Biden (1893-1941); oil salesmen
Paternal Grandmother: Mary Elizabeth Robinette Biden nee Ball (1894-1943)
Maternal Grandfather: Ambrose Joseph Finnegan (1884-NA); a newspaper advertising solicitor (ad salesman)
Maternal Grandmother: Geraldine Catharine Blewitt (1887-NA)

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