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Declared 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate

Andy Martin

Presidential Candidate Andy Martin
Since 1978, Anthony Robert Martin-Trigona has contested in eight senate election primaries (Florida and Illinois), two House of Representatives primaries (Connecticut and Florida), one state senate election (Florida), two gubernatorial primaries (Florida and Illinois) and three presidential primaries – three times as a Democrat and the other thirteen times as a Republican for a total of 16 attempts.

He has also, according to United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida (Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit) , initiated “hundreds, if not thousands” of litigations as well as filing “250 civil actions” over the years that eventually led to several restrictions being placed on him for any future legal actions.

However, all these pales in comparison when placed against the success that the “King of the Birthers” achieved as a result of his ‘widely discredited’ (Jim Rutenberg, NYT, Oct 12 2008) cyber-whisper campaign that states, among others, that Obama is a Muslim, and is hiding the fact “to endanger Israel”. He later amended his claim and stated instead that suspected communist sympathizer Frank Marshall Davis is the real biological father of the President, instead of Barack Obama, Sr. He blames the ‘confusion’ on Obama himself, as he “hasn't told the truth to the American people”, as well as ‘others’ who “exaggerate them (his writings) to suit their own fantasies” (Jim Rutenberg, NYT, Oct 12 2008).

There is no doubting the tenacity and courage of his convictions, characteristics that some may looked favorably upon. But there will be as many, if not more, who will remember his colorful pasts, and that, even Mr. Martin will agree on.

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