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Declared 2012 Independent Presidential Candidate

Stephen Rollins

Presidential Candidate Stephen Rollins
Stephen is not a politician; he’s a hard-working business owner who gives much of his time to military and children’s charities. It’s because of his love of family and country that he has chosen to run as an independent candidate for President. Stephen is a person who cares deeply for others and the welfare of his country as a whole, and has a long history of putting others first.

With the plethora of challenges the nation is currently facing - increasing unemployment, spiraling debt, high foreclosure rate, the declining value of the dollar, uncertainties with Social Security - what is the current governments’ solution? To recklessly throw away the taxpayer’s hard-earned tax dollars to various special-interest programs and other wasteful agendas.

It’s time for someone with a proven and successful track record as a business owner, someone who knows how to make the tough calls, someone who knows how to balance the budget, and someone who answers to the people and not a party, to lead the country.

That someone is Stephen Rollins.

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