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2012 Republican Presidential Nominee
Former Governor of Massachusetts

Mitt Romney

Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney

Romney position on Energy

“And then there is energy, every year we send hundreds of billions of dollars out of our country to go buy energy from other nations,” said Romney. “I think this president faced a number of easy decisions that he missed, but this one is perhaps either at or near the top of the list: How in the world could he have said to Canada ‘No, don’t bring in that Keystone pipeline, we don’t need your oil. At a time like this, when we’re seeing gas prices like they are, we need to get that energy into this country.”
February 25, 2012: Romney addressing the audience of the Ingham Lincoln Day Breakfast at the Chisholm Hills Banquet Center in Lansing, Michigan
“… Unfortunately, the first three years of the Obama administration have witnessed energy and environmental policies that have stifled the domestic energy sector. In thrall to the environmentalist lobby and its dogmas, the President and the regulatory bodies under his control have taken measures to limit energy exploration and restrict development in ways that sap economic performance, curtail growth, and kill jobs…

... As president, Mitt Romney will make every effort to safeguard the environment, but he will be mindful at every step of also protecting the jobs of American workers. This will require putting conservative principles into action.
•Significant Regulatory Reform
•Increasing Production
•Research and Development
"Governor Romney: "We're using too much oil," Romney said. "We have an answer. We can use alternative sources of energy -- biodiesel, ethanol, nuclear power -- and we can drill for more oil here. We can be more energy independent and we can be far more efficient in the use of that energy.”
(Waterloo Courier, September 29, 2006)
"America must become energy independent... We're in a very vulnerable position. Our economic and military strength require us to become energy independent.

I'm not just talking about symbolic measures. I mean that we must finally take the actual steps that will produce as much energy as we use. This could take 20 years or more. Of course we're going continue buying fuels from our friends even after that time, but we'll buy and sell.

We'll end our strategic vulnerability to an oil shutoff by nations like Iran and Russia and Venezuela. And we'll stop spending or sending a billion dollars a day to other nations, some of whom are using that very money against us...”
April 10, 2007: Speaking at former President George W. Bush’s Presidential Library Foundation event in College Station, Texas (View Video)

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