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Former 2012 Independent Presidential Candidate

Danny Woodring

Presidential Candidate Danny Woodring
Dan Woodring is not, and has never been a professional politician; just another average American who believes in standing up for what's right. He is of the opinion that with just a little creativity and common sense, we can balance the federal budget that for years now, have been the personal money machine for the political elite, designed to siphon the wealth away from the average American.

The American people put these corrupt politicians in office, and they need to bring this to a halt. By exercising their constitutional rights in next year’s presidential an congressional election, Woodring believes we, the people, can bestow the office of the president to a true American, together with a true American Congress that has the interest of the people behind it. ‘They’ may have succeeded in bringing this great country to its knees, but we can stand up and take it back again. The 261 members of the Congress are millionaires, content on keeping the status quo. They do not have a plan to fix the country, and the people need to wake to this fact.

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