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Former 2012 Libertarian Presidential Candidate
Libertarian Activist

R. Lee Wrights

Presidential Candidate R. Lee Wrights
Roger Lee Wrights has been a Libertarian even since he was in junior high school. This was when he organized protests against the war in Vietnam, as well as in favor of the civil rights movement. Residing in both Winston-Salem, NC, as well as Burnet, TX, Wrights has served the Libertarian Party in both states at the local, state, and national levels.

Running on the motto, “Stop All Wars,” the main concern of candidate Wrights is to end costly and ineffective wars. This includes wars abroad, as well as domestic, such as the war on drugs. Wrights follows the Libertarian Party stances on these issues. Foreign policy should be dictated by America as the “good neighbor” rather than the “nosy neighbor” we have become known internationally for involvement in what happens with other nations. Non-intervention is the route to take for ending terrorism and promoting peace.

The war on the American taxpayer must also be stopped, according to Wrights. No country has more people in jail for non-violent crimes than America, where the war on drugs has placed millions of people for decades. Americans can also be eased by stopping expenditures the country does not need, such as international conflict. Wrights insists that we must not slow or cut spending, but stop it altogether for a balanced budget, with the selling off of all government-owned property and contracts.

Healthcare has become a controversial topic during the Obama administration with healthcare and insurance costs soaring. Wrights proposes deregulation as the means of lowering the burden of cost to citizens. Costs of programs such as Medicare and Medicaid would be transitioned into private health insurance plans, deposited tax-free into private savings accounts. If the Food and Drug Administration is abolished, Wrights insists that free-market availability of low cost options will become available to Americans.

Official Wrights website - wrights2012.com

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