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Former 2012 Libertarian Presidential Candidate
Libertarian Activist

R. Lee Wrights

Presidential Candidate R. Lee Wrights

Wrights position on the Economy

R. Lee Wrights states that America must stop spending in order for the economy to improve. He opposes the debt ceiling plan, and insists that the only way to get debt under control is to stop spending and sell what the government owns.

The truth is we are heading into economic catastrophe anyway precisely because of the irresponsible actions and spending addiction of both Democrats and Republicans, and their unwillingness to address the real problem — unlimited, unrealistic and unsustainable spending for defense and entitlements. Trying to cure our economic ails by raising the debt ceiling is like trying to deal with an opiate addiction by prescribing more morphine. Borrowing more money will only make the problem worse. Remember, when you’re already too deep in a hole, stop digging! – June 26, 2011.

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